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​Training Works is an independent training company, registered with the ESFA, providing high quality vocational training solutions to the Adult & Child Care Sector
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​Training Works Apprenticeship Reforms Aide Memoire
​#2 Apprenticeship Funding
​(This Aide Memoire is for use by Training Works staff & employer partners)

The way in which Apprenticeships are funded in England is changing. Central to this move is the introduction of an Apprenticeship Levy from May 2017 – for all new Apprenticeship starts.

​Apprenticeship Levy - Large Employers 
·         Paid by employers with an annual salary bill of more than £3 million per annum;
·         A levy of 0.5% of the pay bill will automatically be applied, collected through PAYE;
·         The collected Levy can only be used on the purchase of Apprenticeships;
·         The Levy employer chooses their Training Provider & negotiates cost;
·         Only Training Providers on RoATP are eligible;
·         Once the Levy is exhausted, the Government will fund 90% of training costs 

​Apprenticeship Levy - Small/Medium Employers
·         Employers with a salary bill of less than £3 million per annum will have 90% of the training costs paid by the Government;
·         Each employer will contribute 10% of training costs (in money, not in-kind);
·         The cost of training is negotiated between the employer & Training Works;
·         Training Works will collect the 10% contribution via monthly / quarterly direct debit – first payment up front;
·         £1000 grant is available for each 16-18-year-old Apprentice

​Apprenticeship Levy - Micro Employers
·         Employers with less than 50 employees will not have to pay anything towards the cost of training a 16-18-year-old;
·         £1000 grant is available for each 16-18-year-old Apprentice.